Key Worker Compensation Policy

TRACS Key Worker Compensation Policy:

V1.0  July 2016

This policy provides guidance for how key workers are compensated for the work they do before and at agility trials.  The goal of the policy is to encourage as many club members (and non-members) as possible to volunteer for the jobs and to ensure fairness that the levels of compensation are commensurate with the work.

This policy applies to designated key worker positions only.  It does not address other forms of compensation for full time workers, ring crew, etc.

  • Any person getting a compensated position at a trial would earn 1 dog’s entry for free.
  • Any additional dogs would be entered at cost: AKC: $5/run. USDAA: titling $5/run, GP/SC $10/run, Team $25.

Each trial may have the following positions (not all may be necessary depending on the location and size of the trial)

Board Appointed:

  • Trial Chair
  • Raffle Czar
  • Ribbon Czar
  • Equipment Czar (x2)
  • Hospitality
  • Lunch
  • Special Event Chair

Trial Chair Appointed:

  • Trial Secretary
  • RV Czar (current trials can have: USDAA 1 each, AKC May 2, AKC Dec None)
  • Grounds

Trial Chiefs:  Each ring may have at most:

  • 2 Score table chiefs
  • 2 Course building chiefs (all assistant course builders will be reward the same as ring workers)
  • 2 Crew Chiefs

It is expected that these will be trained and knowledgable people or one new person paired with an expert for training purposes. The “Chiefs” need to be more than bodies, but people who have the skills needed for the jobs.

Any person filling one of these positions but not running a dog in the trial will be compensated as a full-time worker ($50 cert/day)

Any person splitting a job with another person (for example, two people work together on lunch or one person is a crew chief on Sat, while another is on Sun) will each be able to enter dogs at cost. Neither would get a free dogs entry.


The following addendum was approved 3/7/17

“The free dog entry given to any Key Worker who is working all days of an agility trial may be split between said Key Worker’s dogs. When the free entry is split between dog’s, it will be based on the dollar amount of a full entry for the day worked.”


The free entry is for one dog. Not for the total cost of entering one dog in everything. It will be applied towards the dog entering the most classes. The compensation is not additive. A trial chair may choose to have one person assigned to more than one job, if not mutually exclusive, as a cost cutting measure, but the compensation for that person does not change.

If a key worker steps up to work after already paying for their entry, they will be issued a refund check for the appropriate amount based on the number of dogs they have entered..

The “value” of the free entry on the cost basis is now much closer to the compensation we provide full-time workers without a dog and matches the actual money that changes hands between the club and the payments we make to enable the free run.