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April 14-16 2017 USDAA Trial

Woodland, 3 days, no team, but multiple titling opportunities.
Trial chairs: Tracy Duncan & Katrina Parkinson
Trial Secretary: Karey Krauter


Thanks to everyone for being such good sports about the rain (especially our awesome judges Courtney and Ann, and our course builders, and all the other sainted volunteers). Thanks also to Leslie Bickel for filling in for Ann on Saturday morning when Ann was indisposed!

Lisa White & Poppy, LAA-Gold, Friday’s gamblers
Maralise Howze & Jemima, PRCH-Platunim, Friday pairs
Tracy Duncan & Dylan, PDCH, Saturday jumpers (this is in top of the ADCH he earned like 6mo ago!)
Lloyd Silver & Kozmo, ADCH, Saturday gamblers

EMail any questions to the trial secretary!

Level Friday Saturday Sunday
Tournament ———- Biathlon,
Masters Fri Mas,
Sat Mas,
Sun Mas,
Advanced Fri Adv,
Sat Adv,
Sun Adv,
Starters Fri St,
Sat St,
Sun St,

Let me know if you see a problem (dogs too close together, entered in wrong thing, etc)
Front Page (class order, …)
Grand Prix, Steeplechase running orders
Biathlon running order
Masters running orders
Starters/Advanced running orders

TRIAL DOCS (updated to Monday after Haute Dawgs moveups, congrats everyone!)

General Information, Thursday setup, morning start times (8:30am!!), …
Entry Summary, your second-to-last chance to see if I got it right.
RV Signups, if you aren’t on this list but want to be, Email me!
Trial Statistics, I love how you can’t resist!
Timeline Guesstimate

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May 26-29 2017 Memorial Weekend AKC Trial

Dixon, 4 days.
Trial chair: Susan Cochran
Trial Secretary: Kathie Leggett

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Get just the entry form HERE!
Get just the RV form HERE!


June 10 – ACT/Fun Runs at Heath Bar Ranch

Contact: Sandra Zajkowski

Get flyer and entry forms HERE!, (both the ACT and the match.)


August 5-6  2017  – UKI Trial

Heath Bar Ranch
Trial Chair: Sandra Zajkowski
Trial Secretary: Katrina Parkinson


September 15-17 2017 USDAA Trial

Woodland, 3 days, team on Saturday.
Trial chairs: Tracy Duncan & Katrina Parkinson
Trial Secretary: Karey Krauter


December 2017 AKC Trial

Rancho Murieta

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