USDAA agility, September 2012

September 15-16, 2012 USDAA Agility Trial

Yolo County Fairgrounds, Woodland, CA, Test Secretary: Karey Krauter

Check out these brags from the weekend!

  • Sara McAulay and Moxie, ADCH with a SQ Saturday!
  • Nora Bieber and Ricky with a SQ Saturday!
  • Lauri Plummer and Wit, PDCH, with a Q in pairs with partner Carlene Chandler and Brenn!
  • Katrina Parkinson and Fawkes, MAD with a BUNCH of stuff Saturday
  • Sue Bailey and Skip, GCH-Silver with Sunday’s gamble
  • Lisa White and Honey, ADCH-Silver with Sunday’s gamble
  • Linda Wargo and Mike, LAA-Silver with Sunday’s gamble (that’s 250 legs)
  • Susan Cochran and Rider, ADCH-Bronze with Sunday’s Jumpers (thanks to handler Georgia Demetre)
  • Penny Larson and Nick, TM-Silver with Saturday’s GP!

Email me if you have a brag to add to the list!  — Karey

Here’s all the results!

GP and Steeplechase, both rounds Results Maps
Masters Saturday Results Maps
Masters Sunday Results Maps
Advanced Saturday Results Maps
Advanced Sunday Results Maps
Starters Saturday Results Maps
Starters Sunday Results Maps

Pre-trial documents

General Info letter (check-in times, parking, etc)
Summary of Entries
RV Sign-ups (advance sign-up required!)
RV info, assignments
Trial Statistics (ha, made you look!)
Timeline guesstimate
Worker Schedule (just to get us started: look for ringside whiteboards on day-of!)
Running Order Front Page (class sched)
Running Order: Grand Prix, Steeplechase
Running Order: Masters
Running Order: Starters/Advanced